I primarily sell English watercolour and printmaking papers, here I shall be explaining in a very basic way what the papers can be used for and in MY experience how i would use them. If you disagree that is fine because like most arts materials we all have differing oppinions. If you want any of the technical jargon please look at St. Cuthberts site.


Can be obtained in 4 different weights, 195gsm(90lb), 300gsm(140lb), 425gsm(200lb) and 535gsm(250lb). Woodfibre paper. All weights can be otained in a Not finish, also 300 and 425gsm in a Rough finish. A multi purpose paper, to some it is quite white in its finish. I personally love the paper as it has a toughness that cotton papers have not. It is deffined as a watercolour paper, is often regarded as a starters paper as it is inexpensive and can be scrubbed and used with multi media. to me the disadvantage is if you wish to do a great ammount of washes it can have a tendancy to lift existing washes off (more than 5 layers?) A beautiful paper for do bold direct strokes. To my knowledge it is the best paper for printing collagraph prints, can print etchings but has to be printed on a reliable intaglio press as very subtle aquatint marks can be lost. Incredibly easy to stretch (lighter weights) for watercolour or to soak for printmaking.


Saunders waterford

Can be obtained in for different weights 195gsm, 300gsm, 425gsm and 638gsm(300lb) all weights can be obtained in 3 different finishes, HOT PRESS, NOT (COLD PRESS) and ROUGH. Cotton paper. As above is a watercolour paper that can be used for printmaking. This paper because it is made of cotton has a slight softer, creamier finish in its colour and texture.Because of the nature of the product this is slightly more expensive. I dont like it as much as above (personal choice) as it is not as easy to lift but has the advantage of being able to take a great many washes without effecting the origional washes.Can be used for printmaking, I have just printed a line etching edition of 100 copies as the client loved the colour of the paper. Can be stretched and soaked easily.



Many weights and finishes (please see St Cuthberts site) A printmaking paper that can be used for watercolour and perticularily soft chalk pastel. Some regard this as the best printmaing paper especially Somerset Satin. Used extensively in Intaglio printing (not so good with Collagraphs) and silkscreen and Litho, I have found it to be one of the best for monoprints (with a press)not to everyones choice as it has a smooth finish. My coices are Somerset T.P. and Somerset Sand (if you can still get it)


Other papers I perticularily like Velin Arches, this is not a watercolour paper but can be used with care, it is beautifully soft and absorbent. I would use it for my Mezzotints and Aquatints, can be used for other printmaking techniques. Another English paper that I use and sometimes have is Whatman, this is not everybodies choice as it is quite soft, it is a very white cotton paper but once you have realised it potentials and restictions it is wonderful to work on. It is great for printmaking.

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