I specialise in producing intaglio prints especially mezzotint prints, this being a process that is centuries old and is little practiced today has as it is very labour intensive. My attraction to the process is the intense black that can be obtained when printed, producing a beautiful velvet finish as like none other.
As a fine art print maker, I understand the importance that choice of paper and ink has on the quality of the final piece. Over many years I have tried various papers and have come to the conclusion there is not one single paper suitable for all prints. When I edition for artists I would show them several papers to enable them to come to their decision. This allows the choice to be made after proofing (a trial print). Similar choices can be made to inks. I have brought this expertise to selling quality art watercolour books, which I have been making and selling for many years now.
Print making is a skill that takes a short time to learn but a lifetime to master. Many artists have tried printmaking at various times in their careers to challenge their views in their main discipline. Many great painters and sculptors have turned to printmaking at some point. here is a chance for artist to see its possibilities.

Life at Yew Tree Studio. The studio has been for many years at Heage in Derbyshire, it has now moved to Bank Street Studio in Shefield and is now part of the large complex of studios. The printmaking studio will be available to individual artists as well as workshops for groups of adults and children.

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